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According to the Royal Mail, around 600 million pieces of mail are incorrectly delivered each year. Of these, around a third are returned to sender and the rest are disposed of. Or consider, how upsetting your piece of mail could be if sent to one of the 500,000 or so people who die in the UK, every year.

If your data is out of date then you could be wasting your money and upsetting, even alienating recipients.

Advantage MPS provide data cleansing services that will compare your database with in excess of 250 million names and addresses. A quick and efficient data cleanse will not only save you money but will improve your response rates as well.

We will screen your data for FREE and provide a concise and clear report that will enable you to enhance your own data.

We can then provide you with up to date addresses, flag deceased records and people who have registered with the Mailing Preference Service. We can add new addresses for people who have moved using the National Change of Address Files, check for suspicious characters and names within your file, (trust us, they are always in there somewhere) and return an updated file for your future use.

Simply upload your data to our secure site via this link and we will do the rest.